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Innovation is our Key to Success. Clean Mobility is our Passion.

We are already working on tomorrow’s technologies today — all in the name of a clean future

The future is created here with us

Clean Mobility Is Our Passion

Already during the develop­ment and manu­facture of our exhaust gas purification systems and components, we attach importance to an overall process that is sustainable and preserves resources. To this end, we rely on modern develop­ment and production methods as well as innovative materials. Products of the highest quality are the result. This makes Purem by Eberspächer a reliable and technically competent partner when it comes to efficient solutions for exhaust emission conversion and emission reduction.
Today, we are helping to ensure that tomorrow's vehicles meet or even fall below the upcoming requirements. In addition to continuously improving pure combustion engines, we are working on the future topic of hydrogen. We transfer our expertise from exhaust technology to new requirements: With solutions for fuel cell systems and the hydrogen engine. In this way, we are making a significant contribution across all vehicle classes to clean and quiet mobility of the future.


Low-temperature exhaust conditions


A large proportion of pollutant emissions occur during the cold‑start phase. The EHC Fractal Heater within the Active Heating Solutions comes into play exactly here ensuring fast heat up and main­taining the heat of the exhaust gas aftertreatment system.

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High-temperature exhaust conditions


New engine operating strategies can lead to rising temperatures of over 1,000 °C while driving. These put a burden on the materials used. Purem by Eberspächer solutions reduce the combustion temperature and lower pollutant emissions.
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Urea Processing


Purem by Eberspächer is continuously working on further optimizing the processing of urea. An optimal system converts a higher amount of urea, resulting in more ammonia (NH3). This significantly reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the downstream SCR catalytic converter.
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Improving the performance of fuel cell systems

Powerful Balance of Plant Components

The capability of fuel cell systems depends on the parts used. Purem by Eberspächer Balance of Plants components optimize the overall system in terms of efficiency, service life, and performance. Developments based on the core competencies and technologies of the exhaust specialist are used.

Safe conduction of the humid exhaust air

Exhaust Air System for Fuel Cell Systems

A chemical reaction within the fuel cell generates electrical energy. No pollutant emissions are formed within this process – the only waste product is water vapor. The exhaust air system with condenser and water separator discharges this out of the system and reduces mist formation as well as uncontrolled outflowing water. It can additionally be extended with a silencer.

Reducing emissions efficiently

Exhaust System for Hydrogen Engines

As one of the leading system providers, Purem by Eberspächer relies on its expertise in catalysis and materials science and developed an exhaust system specifically for the hydrogen engine. This ensures efficient aftertreatment of nitrogen oxides and emissions from the engine oil path.

The Eberspächer Group of Companies’ portfolio offers components and solutions for mobile and stationary hydrogen applications.

Discover more about our approaches for the Zero Emission vision


Passive solutions

Conventional Systems

Conventional technologies for passive noise reduction contribute to making traffic pleasantly quiet. For us, this is not a vision of tomorrow: series products from Purem by Eberspächer, such as silencers, reliably reduce engine noise.

Active solutions

Valve Technology

Especially with regard to upcoming acoustic legislation, efficient solutions are required to comply with the limit values. We offer a portfolio ranging from passive to active acoustic valves, which are installed in all performance classes of vehicles.
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Digital Transformation

Product and Process Development

Early market maturity is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of new, low-emission mobility solutions. We connect simulation methods via a virtual development chain — from our customer’s initial requirement to the validation of the final production processes.

Product Life Cycle Management

The “Future PLM” system enables our specialists to efficiently control and use global processes and product data in a targeted manner. For our internationally active customers, this yields the highest quality and speed throughout the entire production process. 

End to End Production

Operational excellence is the key to success.  With our Digital Factory, before manufacturing even starts, we achieve a high maturity level in the value chains, strong productivity, and sustainability. And that’s way before the first component is even built.  We use digital twins to simulate product-specific loads and material properties, as well as for production planning, control, and improvement.