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Exhaust system from Purem by Eberspächer — low-emission and noise levels

Clean Mobility in Private Transport

Exhaust systems for passenger cars

Clean Mobility for Passenger Cars

The requirements for emission control systems are diverse. Whether for inexpensive small cars, comfortable mid- or luxury-class vehicles, long distances or sporty models: we develop the right solution for each situation. 

Emission control system

Efficient Products for the Passenger Cars of Today and Tomorrow

Hybrid Drive 

Current exhaust systems for hybrid vehicles (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle/PHEV, full hybrid) are similar to those of Otto engines. In contrast to the pure combustion engine, the temperatures in the exhaust system drop while driving in electric mode. Innovative technologies from Purem by Eberspächer keep temperatures up and the exhaust system ready for operation. 

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Otto Engines and Mild Hybrid 

For gasoline-powered internal combustion engines or mild hybrids (MHEV) with 48 V onboard power supply, we rely on proven, high-quality catalytic converters and particulate filters. Our development teams are working on preheating systems to significantly reduce emissions, right from the start of the journey. 

Compression-Ignition Engines and Mild Hybrid 

Highly efficient compression-ignition engines with exhaust emission conversion systems from Purem by Eberspächer have extremely low nitrogen emission values. Diesel exhaust fluid mixing systems contribute to this. The solutions and components fit conventional compression-ignition engines as well as mild hybrids (MHEV) with 48 V on-board power supply.

Emission control systems at a glance

Solutions for All Customer Requests

We design components or complete systems according to our customers’ specifications. Our international sites ensure short delivery times and routes.

The Product Portfolio

We are constantly expanding the product portfolio with innovative components. To this end, we apply our expertise in all aspects of thermal management in vehicles. Active heating elements shorten the cold-start phase and improve exhaust emission conversion at the start of the journey. This makes us a reliable partner for compliance with emissions legislation such as EU7, EPA Tier 3, China National 6, or Bharat Stage VI. We are working on systems that will safely comply with the strict European noise regulations that will take effect in 2024. The setup of our mufflers produces the sound pattern desired by the vehicle manufacturer and which matches the vehicle type — even at a reduced loudness. The very lightweight mufflers take up very little space in the underbody. 

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Digitization of Our Manufacturing Processes 

Virtual development methods allow us to shorten the product engineering time. Even while the product is being developed, we plan the production process. We simulate it and calculate disturbance factors, loads, and performance using digital models. This eliminates the need for lengthy prototyping phases.

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