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Exhaust emission conversion and noise reduction for the mobility of tomorrow.

Solutions for Clean Mobility

A convincing service package

Consulting, Development, Testing and Production

Efficient exhaust emission conversion is our core competence. We develop whole systems and components of the highest quality for all major passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers. As a valued partner to the automotive industry, we manufacture these products at around 35 sites around the world.


We test our systems on function as well as quality in our test centers in Europe, North America, and Asia. In accordance with global standards and in close cooperation with our customers, we are part of the entire product life cycle: from the project’s beginnings to industrialization, through to series and post-production delivery.

Individual Consulting and Project Management

The range of variants in the automotive industry is high — and it continues to diversify. This is precisely where competent advice and manufacturing engineering are essential.

Together with our customers, we evaluate the parameters and create reliable project plans. Cross-functional teams from the purchasing department, research and development, the sales department, manufacturing, and quality assurance work closely together on the project.

This way, we keep an eye on all the relevant aspects and can offer the right solution. 

Considering customer requests

Tailor-Made Research and Development

The combination of function, reliability, and fit accuracy within the exhaust system design leads to the whole system being highly complex. Only those who have mastered these aspects are able to produce high quality systems for exhaust emission conversion. Purem by Eberspächer combines classic development and test methods with virtual calculations and models. We rely on cross-functional teams and simultaneous engineering.

In this way, we shorten development times and improve quality all at once.

Development Centers Worldwide

Esslingen (Germany)

Novi (USA)

Shanghai (China)


Test Center for All Aspects of Exhaust Technology

High demands are placed on exhaust system. Their design and the material used must be durable and resistant, absorb vibrations while driving, and dampen engine noise. The system is exposed to large temperature fluctuations. Demading that, the exhaust gas purification process must work efficiently from the very beginning of the journey. Experts from all disciplines carry out the test methods in accordance with the applicable legislation and customer requirements.

The test centers are located at our development sites in Esslingen (Germany), Novi (USA), and Shanghai (China).

Test environment

Quality Worldwide

In the early phases, we rely on virtual product and process development.

In later phases, prototypes as well as production validation and series production are subjected to a wide range of tests to validate the systems’ performance.

We maintain fully equipped test facilities at our development centers. Here, we test to ensure standards pertaining to quality, compliance with legal specifications, longevity, and our customers’ specific requirements are met. The range of methods extends from classic endurance tests, resonance tests, and vibration and load analyses through to emission and acoustic measurements as well as special tests according to customer requirements.

Customer-Specific Requirements

Many emission control systems can be manufactured in series production. However, we’re also able to show our strengths when it comes to customized requirements and small series assignments.

Specialized teams design the appropriate component and associated process.

For manufacturing, we rely on flexible capacities and thus guarantee that deadlines are met.

Experience and the Most Modern Manufacturing Methods

Years of experience, mastery of complex processes, and innovative power are what set us apart. By using modern processes and methods, we guarantee consistently high quality and short delivery times. We use virtual manufacturing engineering tools across borders, thus creating the highest-possible degree of deadline adherence and quality for our customers. 

Refuels as an Alternative

Synthetic fuels can be used to optimize the CO2 balance of internal combustion engines. We support the research initiative of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Strategic Dialogue for the Automotive Sector in Baden-Württemberg in developing a renewable fuel and establishing it on the market.

Low-Emission Hybrid Drives

Hybrid vehicles continue to be powered by internal combustion engines. The combination with an electric motor for short-distance driving changes the requirements for the emission control system in order to comply with applicable emission limits. This is where we come into play.

Hydrogen Engines

Mobility requirements are diverse. There is a suitable answer for each one. The hydrogen engine serves as a valuable technical option. Purem by Eberspächer is a member of the steering committee of the “Hydrogen Engine Alliance” at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) — and is thus participating in the mission to convert hydrogen to mechanical energy. 

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