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Commercial vehicles are an essential part of mobility worldwide, and the requirements for exhaust emission conversion are complex.

Power for Clean Mobility

Exhaust systems for commercial vehicles

Clean Mobility in Logistics, Construction, Agriculture, and Forestry

Commercial vehicles are big, heavy, and strong. The engine that powers them produces a significantly higher output than that of a passenger car. This level of performance demands quite a lot from exhaust system design.

Tailored Advice

At Purem by Eberspächer, we know the largest vehicles down to the smallest detail. We understand the complexity of engines and emission control systems. Regardless of the vehicle type and chassis, we develop customized solutions both for and with our customers. 

From Product Development to Production

We’re passionate about complex systems. While an exhaust system looks simple from the outside, its construction is demanding. We are just as proficient in the chemical processes inside as we are in the design of the component itself. Emission standards such as EU7, EPA, Tier 3, China National 6, and Bharat Stage VI give us the framework conditions within which we develop customized exhaust systems. Not just in development, but also at the production runs near our customers in our plants around the world. 

Exhaust Technology for commercial vehicles

Efficient Exhaust Emission Conversion for Powerful Engines

Truck – Heavy Duty

Whether for a construction site or freight transport, or to span short or long distances, a truck can be used in many ways. Whatever those ways may be, Purem by Eberspächer makes quiet, environmentally compatible operation possible.

Truck – Medium Duty

Smaller trucks with a load of six to ten tons are used for short distances. For these distribution vehicles with up to eight liters of piston-swept volume, the exhaust systems from Purem by Eberspächer comply with the strictest emissions and noise legislation.

Passenger Transport 

The chassis for city buses and coaches is structurally different than that of other commercial vehicles. Especially in urban areas, exhaust systems from Purem by Eberspächer minimize the effects of traffic on the population.

Off-Road Vehicles

While off-road, more horsepower is often needed. Agricultural, forestry, or construction site vehicles are powerful work tools. Their emission control systems are therefore designed to be highly efficient.

Emission control system

Solutions for All Chassis Types

The team of experts is always in direct discussion with the customer to decide on whether a standard solution, customer-specific adaptations, or specially developed individual systems are required for a particular vehicle type. Thanks to intelligent variants, a fast and precise fit is possible for almost all chassis types.

Better for the Environment and Surroundings

Exhaust emission conversion systems from Purem by Eberspächer don’t just meet currently applicable limit values. They go one step further in that they are already prepared for further reductions in limit values. Sound-reducing components are standard, to lower noise for drivers or residents. Depending on the exhaust emission conversion system, the system also has a self-muting effect. 

How we assume responsibility

Resource-friendly manufacturing


Environmentally friendly and safe technologies


Noise and pollutant emissions reduction


Certified environmental management system